Community Mediation Boards were established in 1990 in Sri Lanka by virtue of the Mediation Boards Act No. 72 of 1988.The Mediation Programme established Mediation Boards in every Divisional Secretary Division island-wide. These boards are come within the purview of the Mediation Boards Commission.

The intention of establishing mediation boards was to remedy laws delays in the formal justice system by providing an alternative to expensive and time-consuming litigation which is quick, cheap, community-led and accessible to people. The boards have been actively contributing towards amicable resolutions for inter-personal and community level disputes and offences for over 30 years. The Boards commonly address disputes between private parties related to land issues, family disagreements, financial disputes and minor offences.

Within a 30-year span, Sri Lanka has equipped the nation with 329 Community Mediation Boards with over 8,500 active volunteer Mediators across the country.