No Steps Jaffna Kilinochchi Trincomalee Batticaloa Anuradhapura
1 Gazette Notifications Startup Stakeholder Meetings Call for Nominations All the relevant gazettes have been published, startup stakeholder meetings held in district and divisional level and the Nominations are received, interviews conducted and the mediator trainees were for the establishment of Special Mediation Boards in the selected districts as a Pilot Phase
2 Special Manual for Trainings A manual entitled “Resolving Land Disputes: Effective Procedures and Strategies” was prepared and printed in all three languages with the support of The Asia Foundation
3 Initial 6 Day Trainings for selected Mediator Trainees A Six Day Training Program for those who have been selected as Mediator Trainees of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Anuradhapura were conducted with the support of The Asia Foundation. Another round of training need to be conducted for Anuradhapura for newly selected mediators
4 Appointments Appointments have been given to four Boards except Anuradhapura
5 Additional 3 day training on “Legal aspects relating Land and Property” Completed Completed To be conducted form 09 – 11 November, 2017 Completed To be completed in December
6 A Refresher Program Completed Completed Completed To be completed To be completed
7 Appointments of Expert Panel Appointed To be appointed To be appointed To be appointed To be appointed
8 Stakeholder meetings on awareness raising and receiving of complaints Ongoing To be completed in October Ongoing To be completed in November To be completed in December
9 Forms and Reports Documentations such as Specific Settlement Forms, Non Settlement Forms, and Reporting Back Formats etc. were prepared, approved by MBC and distributed to Jaffna Land Mediation Board
10 Mediation Process/Sessions Started To be started in December To be started in November To be started in December To be started in January

Need to be done:

  • A performance measurement and reporting processes including referral system and database, trainings for Mediation Training Officers and other capacity building activities need to be undertaken as part of the institutional strengthening of MOJ, MBC and District Offices
  • The gazette notification declaring the districts namely Vavuniya, Mannar, Mullaitivu and Ampara as Special Mediation Boards Areas for the establishment of LMBs in these districts
  • Relevant trainings and stakeholder meetings need to be conducted with the respective officials for these districts